Welcome to Prometek's site

Prometek promotes the transfer of technologies and innovations in the environment and energy sectors between Europe and Japan.

Our mission: To facilitate the technology exchange to solve ever complicated problems in the Environment and Energy sectors.

Our role: To develope a partnership between Janapese and European companies that supports a mutual economic growth.


Our services

Our services include:

1. Development in the Japanese market

We work with European companies with innovative products and technologies to find their commercial partners in Japan.

Depending on how prepared your company is, we can work together on the following steps:

  •     Study the Japanese market for your product and/or technology
  •     Search for possible regulations applicable to your product
  •     Prepare written commercial documents in Japanese language and style
  •     Develop a sales or distribution network in Japan
  •     Search for a Japanese partner to transfer your technology know-how
 2. Development with a Japanese product

If you are looking for a new product to include in your products palette, our Japanese clients may have a product that interests you.

 3. Finding a specific product in Japan

If you are looking for a specific product, we can search for a manufacturer in the Japanese market.  


For more information, please consult the dedicated sections.